Frische Luft – Der Assoziations-Assistenz bei Kreativblockaden

Frische Luft – Der Assoziations-Assistenz bei Kreativblockaden

Volume: 224 pages with 1.116 impulses
Format: 12 x 18,6
Price: 25.00 

Everybody, who is making a living having ideas, knows the fear of emptiness in the head, when nothing is going to happen and your creativity is blocked. No thought wants to connect to another and no picture wants to produce another one. Instead of being highly creative and bubbling over with ideas, there’s a blockade that prevents the thinking.

We all also know the inspiring effect of non-specific stimulations and associations as well as the power of coincidence. In these moments we often hear the words “Go out and breath some fresh air.” This is a good way for having new and valuable ideas again.

But sometimes we wish that the fresh air is coming to us, to our desk or atelier. And sometimes wishes come true … Frische Luft (transl. fresh air) helps to break down these blockades!

The author Sebastian Jung is going out for you. He is sketching everything that comes across his way. He is assembling things that don’t match with each other. And all but automatically the dissonance changes into creative energy so that in our head prevails a firework of associations. The stress disappears and we are able to build new connections in our brain.

During the first sight of Frische Luft you may think that it is a collection of incoherent sketches that provokes everyone who is loving organization and a logical structure. For what is this good for? But if you are getting into the assistant for associations from Sebastian Jung, the sketches will unfold their power and will build new constructs of ideas without the weight of logic. Your ideas will jump from one picture to another and will skip everything that does not inspire you in this moment. Only to see it the next time as the key for a booster of creativity.


Verlag Hermann Schmidt


224 pages with 1.116 impulses

Format in cm (w × h × d)

12 x 18,6




thread sewn broschure with a free spine and a black embossing



Frische Luft – Der Assoziations-Assistenz bei Kreativblockaden