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further 03

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The Fotobus Society is a network of photographers founded by Christoph Bangert. Its more than 800 members are studying at universities and photography schools across Germany and Europe and benefit from the association’s broad cultural and social program. At the heart of this community is a 30-year-old bus that acts as a mobile photography school and regularly takes members to photography festivals, symposia, and professional events.
This book is the third volume of a series that introduces selected works of the association’s members and offers a fascinating glimpse into the contemporary scene of young European photography. Telling stories about everyday life and the boundless excesses of our time, it features pictures that are marked by violence: directed against oneself, against others, and against the planet.
Other positions include poignant snapshots that reveal personal stories of individuals, groups, or communities who are grappling with ever new challenges. The photos show freedom, hope, and love – as well as their absence. They are doing what photography does best: opening spectators’ eyes to a world that would otherwise remain hidden from them.


Verlag Kettler


Alice Lemesre, Aurélien Guillery, Florian Genz, Magnus Terhorst, Raquel Gandra



further 03