Helmut Schmid Typography / Helmut Schmid Typografie

Helmut Schmid Typography / Helmut Schmid Typografie

Release: 2023
Volume: 240 pages
Format: 22.6 × 29.6
Price: 55.00 

Helmut Schmid was a master of his craft. The Austrian typographer put his own spin on Emil Ruder’s teachings at the Basel School of Design while remaining faithful to the principles of clarity, simplicity, and elegance. Blending eastern and western influences, Schmid honed his skills and put them into practice in the fields of editorial design, packaging of ethical drugs, and the visual identity of brands such as Pocari Sweat sports drink (Otsuka Pharmaceutical), Maquillage (Shiseido) and IPSA. He also produced publications, such as the famous journal Typographic Reflections.

Helmut Schmid Typography explores the typographer’s oeuvre in its entirety. The book’s generous design allows each image to breathe, and the accompanying texts narrate Schmid’s life and career in an informative and pleasant manner. Complementing the publications Weingart: Typography and Ruder Typography, Ruder Philosophy, this bilingual monograph completes the Basel school of typographic thought.


Lars Müller Publishers


Nicole Schmid


Deutsch, English


240 pages



Format in cm (w × h × d)

22.6 × 29.6



Helmut Schmid Typography / Helmut Schmid Typografie