nomad #7 — where to go?

nomad #7 — where to go?

Release: 07/2019
Volume: 192 pages
Format: 23 × 26 × 1,7 cm
Price: 14.00 

The new links between disciplines and technologies being built by visionary
designers, artists, scientists and architects are currently unveiling options for the future of our primary needs: how we live, what we eat, how we dress. Signs which—if indeed they come to pass despite their occasional outlandishness—may tomorrow be viewed as harbingers of a new age: The New Reality.

We meet with New York-based fashion designer Suzanne Lee, who has spent many years exploring the possibility of manufacturing materials based on microorganisms with radically low environmental impact, which could revolutionise our use of leather and cotton.

In our interview by Kimberly Bradley, architect David Chipperfield spoke with the luxury of far-sightedness, discussing architecture and its opportunities to cast influence. “Architects have no power, designers have no power—unless we leverage it. At one time architecture was far more connected to social advocacy… We’ve been working for investors and not society. That has to change”, believes Chipperfield.

Canadian-British designer Philippe Malouin has devised an aesthetic that captures a new language of form. His studio is small, his working methods unconventional—the office is closed every Friday without fail. And yet it works: Philippe is currently one of the most sought-after designers in the world. nomad visited him in his London studio. Designer Marije Vogelzang has chosen a remarkable path; as an ‘eating designer’, she experiments with food and incorporates personal and sociocultural experiences associated with food and eating into her work. We visited Marije’s refreshing universe of ideas in Dordrecht.

Our interview in Copenhagen with Liza Chong, CEO of INDEX, immersed us in a non-profit with a wonderfully straightforward description of its mission and image: “It’s all about design to improve life”.

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Veronika Kinczli und Frank Wagner, gmbh




192 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

23 × 26 × 1,7 cm


English, German

nomad #7 — where to go?