Power Plants

Power Plants

Volume: 128 pages
Format: 17 x 12 cm
Price: 15.00 

The book POWER PLANTS by artist collective kennedy+swan finally puts an end to the anthropocentric world view. Why should humans feel superior to the evolution of plants and animals?
The duo asks questions without pretending to deliver moral answers. What will the world look like in 1000 years? What will happen when our bodies merge with different species of flora and fauna? And what do insects have to say about the idea of making them humanity’s main protein source?
The bilingual publication (German and English) gives access to the complex narratives with numerous texts, an essay by Kimberly Bradley and an interview with the artists. Using a self-programmed app, some of the illustrations can be augmented. Since 2013, kennedy+swan try to create empathy with fungi, insects, and hybrid beings in their films, virtual reality and augmented reality works, as well as in their drawings and installations, spinning a dense narrative web under their label L I F E 3. 0. The book POWER PLANTS gathers all the duo’s previous work cycles and tells of a world where nature regains its deserved upper hand.
Longlist in the 2022 competition of the Stiftung Buchkunst The Most Beautiful German Books in the category Art Books, Photo Books, Exhibition Catalogs.




Helena Melikov


German, English

Format in cm (w × h × d)

17 x 12 cm


Fly 02 cream 130 gm2


128 pages



Power Plants