Slanted Magazin #11 – Monospace, Typewriter

Slanted Magazin #11 – Monospace, Typewriter

Release: August 2010
Volume: 148 pages
Format: 21 × 27 cm
Price: 29.00 

The Revolution won’t be set in Garamond – “Slanted #11 – Monospace, Typewriter” comes in revised structure and layout. Projects are confronted with each other, magazine sections overlap. The changes reflect our attitude towards contemporary editorial design in analogue and digital times. This “new order” is a homage to the visual and to design. Orientation, information and sections still have their own right and place within the magazine‘s structure, but the changing of perspectives, the relations and associations are definitely not an expression by the medium of information, rather of openness and examination. It‘s a concept that doesn’t come under the hegemony of function, a feast of the visual.

With great pleasure we present the work of studio Moiré (Zurich/CH), the photographic essays “Images from the Dark Side” by Martin Miller (Baltimore/USA) and “A Crude World” by Paolo Woods (Paris/FR) as well as contemporary typefaces, illustrations and projects related to monospace and typewriters. Type essays by Alexander Negrelli (Berlin/DE), Rieke Harmsen (Munich/DE) and Horst Wöhrle (Esslingen/DE) examine the aesthetics, history and connotations of typewriter fonts, interviews with Yves Peters (Sint-Denijs-Westrem/BE), Richard Kegler (Buffalo/USA), Georg Seifert (Berlin/DE) as well as a Tokyo report by Ian Lynam (Tokyo/JP) and a musical travelogue by DJ Frank Wiedemann (âme / INNERVISIONS, Berlin/DE) round up the stuff to read.


MAGMA Brand Design


August 2010


148 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

21 × 27 cm


English, German

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Slanted Magazin #11 – Monospace, Typewriter