Slanted Magazin #3 – Handmade, Custom, Script

Slanted Magazin #3 – Handmade, Custom, Script

Release: Autumn 2006
Volume: 198 pages
Format: 21 × 27 cm
Price: 10.00 

In the third issue of Slanted Magazine, »Handmade, Custom, Script« it’s all about the interface of different technics of design: the contrast of digital and analog aesthetics plus the transitions between everyday life and art. Calligraphy (Petra Beiße), readymade (Thomas Atzenbeck), graffiti (Jürg Lehni & Ulli Franke), plotting, stencils, cutouts, illustration, painting (Verena Clary), or experimental photography (Marco Negri) are components of this controversy and were completed with interviews (including Erik Spiekermann and the Pfadfinderei) as well as the presentation of handmade, custom and script fonts.


MAGMA Brand Design


Autumn 2006


198 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

21 × 27 cm


English, German

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Slanted Magazin #3 – Handmade, Custom, Script