Some Magazine #15—Together

Some Magazine #15—Together

Volume: 82 pages
Format: 17 × 24 cm
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What unites us? Since humans first formed communities, they have been thinking about what can be achieved better, faster, and easier together instead of alone. So the idea of collaboration is nothing new, we are herd creatures. In art, design, and culture, the collaborative is also a tried and tested approach. Last but not least, shared suffering is also half suffering. However, it is not only work and profit that are being shared, authorship is also transferred from the individual to the community.

The editorial team of Some Magazine #15—Together talked to very different artists and designers about their strategies and attitudes towards sharing. They found surprising new paths and unusual perspectives. But above all, the research for this issue left the editorial team with the deep conviction that the big questions, problems, and crises of our time can certainly only be overcome together—not alone. In this issue: Albrecht / Wilke, Na Kim, Studio Pandan, Josh Kern, Solitype, Maxim Brandt, Zongbo Jiang, and Clara Vastano.

Some Magazine is a bi-annual art and design publication from the Experimental Design course of Prof. Sven Völker at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. Since 2010, changing editorial teams of young art and design students research, write, layout, and produce it.

A Magazine for Visual Inventors!


FH Potsdam

Chief Editorship

Sven Völker


Angelika Miller, Eric Wätke, Greta Landmann, Merrit Schomakers


Greta Landmann, Merrit Schomakers



Format in cm (w × h × d)

17 × 24 cm


82 pages


Staple binding

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Some Magazine #15—Together