TypoLyrics – The Sound of Fonts

TypoLyrics – The Sound of Fonts

Volume: 207 pages
Format: 28,2 × 22,4 × 2,2 cm
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Graphic designers love music. This is shown not least by the great enthusiasm of the readers of the typography magazine Slanted for the category Typo Lyrics, in which designers reinterpret music with the help of writing. For the publication of the same name, renowned graphic designers and young talents from all over the world have been inspired by lyrics to innovative font designs. The result is a collection of fascinating visuals – “typefaces” that present contemporary fonts in a slightly different way.

The extraordinary combination of typeface design and music brings the fonts alive and makes them literally dance. In contrast to classic pattern books or fonts, a special, emotional approach to typography is created, which makes clear the great potential for expression of fonts. Analogous to the traditional classification of fonts, the book is divided into eleven chapters, each of which deals with a font family and song lyrics of a specific musical genre.

With contributions from:

123buero (GER)
Base (ES)
bauer (A)
Bureau Mario Lombardo (GER)
Bureau Mirko Borsche (GER)
Fons Hickmann m23 (GER)
Gavillet & Rust (CH)
L2M3 (GER)
Mainstudio (NL)
Matt W. Moore (USA)
Norm (CH)
Paula Troxler (CH)
Pixelgarten (GER)
Vier5 (FR)
und vielen anderen


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MAGMA Brand Design GmbH

Format in cm (w × h × d)

28,2 × 22,4 × 2,2 cm


207 pages

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TypoLyrics – The Sound of Fonts