Yearbook of Type II

Yearbook of Type II

Release: October 2015
Volume: 416 pages
Format: 16.5 × 24 × 3.6 cm
Price: 19.95 

The development and distribution of new typefaces has changed radically due to the ever-increasing digitalization of the media. Desktop publishing and programs for designing your own fonts enable a previously unimaginable wealth of new fonts. To keep this welcome variety manageable, the Yearbook of Type II features a selection of new releases from around the world - from major type publishers to small, independent typographers and foundries.

This independent compendium presents the individual typefaces or typeface families on a double-page spread, providing visual impressions as well as background and detailed information on the typeface's features. In addition, a section with essays offers background knowledge, technical aspects, instructions or descriptions from the scene. The publication of the Yearbook of Type II serves designers or agencies as inspiration and help in the selection of typefaces, but also appeals to all those interested in contemporary typefaces and type design as a catalog and reference work.

- Detailed presentation of the individual fonts
- Comprehensive background information
- Index with classification
- Index with the designers
- Essays

With fonts from the following foundries: 29Letters, A is for…, AB Type Foundry, ADTypo, AinsiFont, Atelier télescopique, Atlas Font Foundry, Baldinger • Vu-Huu, binnenland, Bold Monday, Brownfox, Cape Arcona Type Foundry, Carrois Type Design, die Typonauten, dutchfonts, FaceType, Fatype, Font Bureau, Fontfabric,, FontFont, FontMesa, Fontsmith, FONTYOU, Gestalten, Great Lakes Lettering, HVD Fonts, Indian Type Foundry, International House of Fonts, Jan Fromm, Hubert Jocham, Kimmy Design, Kontour Type, Lanston Type Co., Latinotype, Letterwerk, Los Andes Type, LucasFonts, Ludwig Type, Milieu Grotesque, Monotype, Moshik Nadav Typography, Nonpareille, Nouvelle Noire, Novo Typo, P22 type foundry, PampaType, Parachute, phospho, PintassilgoPrints, Playtype, primetype, Production Type, profonts, Rene Bieder / Design and Direction,, Retype Foundry, Typedesign, Rui Abreu / R-typography, Henning Skibbe –Typefaces, Sorkin Type, Storm Type Foundry, studio type, Suitcase Type Foundry, Talbot Type, TipografiaRamis, Tipografies, TipoType, tntypography, Tour de Force Font Foundry, type me! fonts, Type-Ø-Tones, typecuts, Typejockeys, Typesenses, Typetanic Fonts, TypeTogether, Typocalypse, Typofonderie, Typotheque VOF, Urtd, URW++ Design & Development GmbH, Volcano Type, Willerstorfer Font Foundry, xplicit GmbH, Zeugler

With essays from Rudolf Barmettler, Thomas Huot-Marchand, Jakob Runge, Alice Savoie, Ole Schäfer, Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer


Slanted Publishers



Creative Direction

Lars Harmsen

Art Direction

Julia Kahl


October 2015

Format in cm (w × h × d)

16.5 × 24 × 3.6 cm


416 pages






Hardcover, half linen, hot foil stamping, special colors

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Yearbook of Type II