Related Stories

Related Stories

3D Video Series

Author: Laura Nadvornik

The Lebanon based studio JPAG made a beautiful 3D video series called Related Stories. The series, containing of four scenes, with four different people in four different cities, was launched in November 2020 but remains comprehensible in view of the still ongoing situation.

Human beings are buzzing with self-discovery and undeniable transformation. With an unstoppable contagion spread, the world was locked within itself, forced to think hard, and get creative to convert the homes from anti-pandemic prisons to friendlier, even productive areas of living.

Related Stories showcases billboards placed outside of homes that read the physical and emotional change each space has undergone. The large display shows the title of the room and the negative connotation that comes with it.

In the end, we come to understand how experiences work. We are first met with a massive billboard and its negative ideas as the initial greeting, pulling us into a journey of self-discovery and a positive mindset the more time spent in reflecting, allowing oneself to really take in the beauty of transformation.

About JPAG
JPAG is an award-winning Lebanese based group of creative minds, architects, and artists operating within the field of architecture and digital art. Their work is storytelling, mixing the pragmatic with the Utopian. They craft volumes and pixels into something more than a boring block of material, but a sensational piece of art. The atelier has been designing and portraying architecture passionately since 2014.

Related Stories

Idea and Realization: Jean-Paul El Hachem, JPAG
Release: November 2020
Check out the videos

The Lonely Chef: Maria Sakr, New York 
Rat Hole: Khalil Osta, Paris
Mental Fitness: Wahib Charbel, Byblos 
Everyday Inn: Hadi Mroue, Milan
Sketch of The Lonely Chef
Sketch of Rat Hole
Sketch of Mental Fitness
Sketch of Everyday Inn

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