Second “Specimag” by Character Type

Author: Laura Nadvornik

character#02 is the second specimag by Character Type—a blend of type magazine and a typeface specimen. Their rich archive of collected typeface specimens and type magazines has inspired them to marry the two into one creative space and share some recent type-related thoughts and insights, while introducing Character Type’s newest typeface super family NewsSerif.

character#02 features a photographic essay by Bettina Theuerkauf about the self-destructive tendencies of modern society. It also looks at the history of type families and works it’s way through the concept of variable fonts.

About Character Type
Character Type designs unique typefaces—custom and retail—to serve as tools in typography and branding for small and international brands. They are located in Hamburg, Germany.

Henning Skibbe founded Character Type in 2018. He is a professional type and communication designer, typographic consultant, creative director, and lecturer.


Publisher and Author: Character Type
Design: Character Type, Henning Skibbe, and Jakob Reinhard
Photographic Essay: Bettina Theuerkauf 

Format: 20 × 26 cm
Volume: 28 pages
Language: English
Typeface: NewsSerif
Printing: RESET ST. PAULI Hamburg
Price: € 9.80 

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