Author: Vicky Blake

LETS CHANGE THE NARRATIVE. Reload.Earth believes the solutions to our climate crisis are out there. Relod.Earth also believes our global creative community is a goldmine for contributing to the cultural shift needed to make space for a new reality and make it second nature.

This is an invitation to all creatives, artists, designers, poets, and authors to submit work focused on our climate transition. This project wants to hold two truths, celebrating new narratives of hope and inspiring the future we still have on this planet—all while acknowledging the reality of what we have lost.

Reload.Earth embraces these two colliding narratives around climate action, that of logic and feeling. Fear and hope. Beauty and destruction. Failure and possibility.

Reload.Earth is looking for works that speak to either, or both in a thoughtful and creative way. Graphic designers, illustrators, artists—you are welcome to submit your work with a statement explaining your work.

Reload.Earth—where art and design take action for the climate. The journey starts with a publication, where the editors will be featuring changes in narrative through the lens of artists, designers, poets, entrepreneurs, innovators, and dreamers. The call for entries is officially open until July 1st, 2022.

The project is founded by Laura François, Natalie Seisser, Viola Dessin, and Lars Harmsen.

Visit the website Reload.Earth for more details on submissions.

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