Right Grotesk

Pangram Pangram

Author: slobzheninov

Right Grotesk blends the neutrality and functionality of workhorses with a good touch of distinctive personality. Featuring many fine details, smooth curves, moderate contrast and slightly unusual anatomy, the typeface can be a loud and proud hero or a humble supporting actor for all sorts of designs. Not trendy, not timeless either, it is designed to be a versatile and high-quality type family for both serious and fun projects. It is designed to be just Right.

The typeface is not a revival of any particular historical references; it’s an interpretation of the whole genre of Gothic / Grotesque types. To add a nice personality, some letters have unusual sharp reversed terminals: lowercase r, a, f, t, y, ß and some others. On a macro level, one may notice smooth ink traps—they help to get more white space and add some charisma to the type.

The family covers the most used range of styles. They are packed in 1 variable and 51 classic fonts: 7 weights × 7 widths, and 2 text-friendly styles. For more sophisticated design, it supports case sensitive forms, ligatures, tabular figures, circled figures, arrows and other symbols.

Right Grotesk

Designer: Alexander Slobzheninov
Type foundry: Pangram Pangram
Release date: February 2020
51 styles: 7 weights × 7 widths + 2 text-friendly styles
File formats: otf, ttf, web, variable

2020-03-08_5e64d7207d75b_RightGrotesk_Ligatures 2020-03-08_5e64d7207d7dd_RightGrotesk_Light 2020-03-08_5e64d7207d834_RightGrotesk_Spatial 2020-03-08_5e64d7207d97c_RightGrotesk_Styles 2020-03-08_5e64d7207d935_RightGrotesk_Condensed 2020-03-08_5e64d7207d8de_RightGrotesk_Glyphset 2020-03-08_5e64d7207d884_RightGrotesk_Symbols