Interactive Lighting Installation

Author: Laura Nadvornik

SAW (audio visual-station) is an Interactive lighting installation (neon), which reacts dynamically to the intensity of sound (noise), located in downtown Katowice, Poland, situated on one of the advertising poles. The installation is a kind of membrane that resonates with the environment. 

The SAW neon sign fades in response to noise. The arresting and stark nature of this installation encourages silence while simultaneously provoking increased consciousness and awareness of global threats. It deals with topics such as COVID-19, environmental pollution (noise and air), social isolation. The installation is partly made of recycled materials.

SAW stands for S–stacja [PL] (station), A—audio [PL] (audio), and W—wizualna [PL] (visual). Also for S—silence, and AW—awareness.

About the designer
Marta Gawin (born in 1985, Poland) is a multidisciplinary graphic designer specialized in visual identity,
 communication, poster, exhibition, sign systems, book, and editorial design. Since her MA in Graphic Design (Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice) in 2011, she has been working as a freelancer for cultural institutions and commercial organizations. Her design approach is conceptual, logical and content-driven. She treats graphic design as a field of visual research and formal experiments.

Concept & Design: Marta Gawin
Production Neon Signs: Raz Dwa
Photos: Krzysztof Skóra and Paweł Krzywdziński
In Cooperation with the City of Katowice


Slanted_SAW_05 Slanted_SAW_02 Slanted_SAW_03 Slanted_SAW_04