schaubau 2020

International summer school

Author: Lara Zettl

schaubau 2020 is an international summer school that is taking place for the third time in the heart of the Bauhaus city of Dessau. A design camp that is aimed at creative students, schoolchildren, craftsmen and value creators from all creative disciplines, including design, architecture, fashion, and art. This year the schaubau summer school is dedicated to the controversy.

For a week the attendees research and design powerful texts and expressive images with the Berlin designer Alexander Branczyk (DRUCKEN3000) as a formulation of democratic participation on an equal footing. Terms such as “left-wing filthy,” “asylum tourism,” “sleeping sheep,” “do-gooder” and “coronary dictatorship” damage the coexistence in a peaceful and diverse society. But also statements like “You will be allowed to say that,” “I have nothing against ... but! …” ignore that a democracy is based on common truths—a non-discriminatory, turned language is its expression.

The results are finally put on paper with the risograph. You will need a laptop for the workshop.

In addition to the drafting and creation, a cultural framework program ensures a varied—and hopefully sunny—workshop week. So don’t forget your swimming gear.

schaubau 2020

From September 27th to 30th, 2020

Wolfgangstraße 13
06844 Dessau

50.– Euro
Material and lunch are included in the ticket price.

Please send your application by mail.

If you have any questions, please get in contact with the schaubau team.




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