schaubau—international summer school of design dessau

bitmob goes bauhaus

Author: Clara Weinreich

schaubau summer school will take place in Dessau from August 4th to 10th. Take your chance and take part in the workshop with Alexander Branczyk. Click here to register.

schaubau is an international summer school which takes place in the heart of Dessau – the city of the Bauhaus. A design camp, which is targeted at all creative students, pupils, craftsmen and -women and creators of value of all designing disciplines like design, architecture, fashion and art.

This year the schaubau summer school is dedicated to a typographic, technically and fashionable approach to the 100th years anniversary of the Bauhaus. The design of signs / typography for your own jacket in combination with electronic handicrafts and programming is the main part of the workshop week. At night the bitmob with their LED coats spread out into the city.

A framework programme supplies a chequered and productive summer week with balmy nights in Dessau.

Workshop leader 2019
Alexander Branczyk

August 4th to 10th, 2019

Wolfgangstraße 13
06844 Dessau

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