Slanted #17 – Cartoon / Comic

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Comics consist of a sequence of images (strip) that tell a story. In cartoons, the narrative point is condensed into one image. The Slanted issue # 17 – Cartoon / Comic is packed cover to cover full of naratives and typographic explosion! 

Along with the New Year, the first Slanted issue of 2012 has a new face. A new oversized format, 16 more pages, and a more tightening sequence in content and layout to create more space for projects and activities.

Ken Johnston of Corbis (New York) dipped into the archives and retrieved a grotesque photo story of the atomic bomb experiments in a patriotically charged world brought to light – Doom Town, a dark comic, the best stories are real life experiences. Patrick Tsai (Tokyo) leads a photographic diary – Talking Barnacles, is a story in image sequences combined with very personal lyrics.

We are pleased to present a number of readable essays and reports: Motorscream Landscapes – Über die Schrift in der grafischen Literatur by Alexander Negrelli (Berlin), Geliebt und gehasst: Comic Sans by Rieke C. Harmsen (Munich), Manga & Graphic Design, Hands On und Where The Wild Things Were by Ian Lynam (Tokyo), PAT! BON! DOKAAAN! – Schriftgewitter und Lautmalerei in asiatischen Bildgeschichten by Steffen Zillig and Sohyun Jung (Hamburg), Something like Max & Moritz – Vom Erfinder des Comic by Tim Eckhorst (Kiel), A very subjective and casual comics overview from Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY 11222 by Paul Hoppe (Brooklyn NY), Survival is possible by Michael Schmidt (Munich) and Sans Comique by Frank Wiedemann (Berlin).

Furthermore, interviews with Nora Krug (Brooklyn NY), Dirk Rehm (Berlin), Alessio Leonardi (Berlin), Fred Smijers (Antwerp) and Matthew Carter (Cambridge) with insights into their living and working environments. Also the appearance of the new magazine is marked throughout the comic book world. The eight-page fold-out cover glows in red and green on the outside, while the inside are comments of readers from our blog, which were posted online last November.

Slanted Magazine #17 – Cartoon / Comic

Spring Issue
Editor: MAGMA Brand Design

Release: March 22nd, 2012

Volume: 164 pages

Format: 24 × 32 cm

Language: English, German

Price: 14,– Euro

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Comics bestehen aus einer Folge von Bildern (Strip), die eine Geschichte erzählen. Bei Cartoons wird die erzählerische Pointe zu einem Bild verdichtet. Die Ausgabe Slanted #17 – Cartoon / Comic ist von vorne bis hinten diesen Erzählformen und ihren typografischen Eigenheiten verfallen. 

Zudem zeigt das erste Slanted Magazin des Jahrgangs 2012 ein neues Gesicht. Ein neues Format in Übergröße, 16 Seiten mehr sowie Straffungen in Abfolge der Inhalte und Layout schaffen mehr Raum für Projekte und Gestaltung.

Buy: € 14,00 including Tax 7%, excluding shipping costs