Slanted in L.A.: CalArts

Slanted in L.A.: CalArts and Michael Worthington

Slanted Magazine #35—L.A

Author: Lara Zettl

In a town like L.A. and on a production like Slanted’s, which brings together the material for a magazine, not everything has to work out. Often, the best things happen when they’re not planned, just as they did when we went to this gleaming city in fall 2019. We were happy to meet the luminaries from the local creative scene and we are thrilled to share our inspiring encounters with you.

Michael Worthington teaches in the Graphic Design Program at the California Institute of the Arts, and was Co-director from 1998 through 2005 and from 2008 through 2015. His design studio Counterspace was formed in 2000 working primarily with cultural clients. In 2018 he set up MW Books to publish short run art and design publications. His second book Inside Out & Upside Down: Posters From CalArts 1980 to 2019 has been released in late 2019.

CalArts—California Institute of the Arts is renowned internationally as a game-changer in the education of professional artists. The transformative cultural impact of our alumni shows why: We bring out visionary creative talent unlike any other university, school or conservatory. An all-inclusive community for a diversity of authentic voices, CalArts offers comprehensive degree programs across the full range of the visual, performing, media, and literary arts through its six schools. Admissions are decided primarily on artistic merit and creative promise.

The work of Michael Worthington can be found in the Slanted Magazine #35—L.A.. Additionally we shot a video interview to talk about his attitude and view of things. Take a look at our new issue and the video platform to encounter new ways of design thinking!

Slanted in L.A.: CalArts

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