Slanted in Prague: Anymade Studio

Author: Julia Kahl

When we took a look at the contemporary design scene in Prague in August 2018, we were allowed to visit Petr Cabalka and Filip Nerad from Anymade Studio in their studio.

Anymade Studio was established in 2009. Its founders, Petr Cabalka and Filip Nerad, currently live and work in Prague. The graphic studio is interested in visual communication and is inspired by music, contemporary fashion, and visual arts. They use a wide selection of disciplines such as graphic design, illustration, animation, installation, or photography while working on contracts.

The exciting works of Anymade Studio can be found in the Slanted Magazine #33—Prague, additionally we conducted a video interview with Petr Cabalka and Filip Nerad about their attitude and work. Take a look at our new issue and the video platform to meet more creative people from Prague!

Photography: © Dirk Gebhardt, Slanted Publishers

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