Slanted in Prague: Briefcase Type Foundry

Author: Julia Kahl

When we took a look at the contemporary design scene in Prague in August 2018, we were allowed to visit Tomáš Brousil, Petra Dočekalová and Radek Sidun from Briefcase Type Foundry in their studio.

Briefcase offers a wide range of unique and original Czech fonts by authors, who may not wish to set up their own type foundry. It profiles itself as an independent type foundry. Briefcase digitizes original font designs, offer fonts by young authors and help publish older, previously unreleased fonts. The project is a logical extension of the Suitcase Type Foundry.

The exciting works of Briefcase Type Foundry can be found in the Slanted Magazine #33—Prague, additionally we conducted a video interview with Tomáš Brousil, Petra Dočekalová and Radek Sidun about their attitude and work. Take a look at our new issue and the video platform to meet more creative people from Prague!

Photography: © Dirk Gebhardt, Slanted Publishers

Slanted-Briefcase-Type_01 Slanted-Briefcase-Type_02 Slanted-Briefcase-Type_03 Slanted-Briefcase-Type_07 Slanted-Briefcase-Type_10 Slanted-Briefcase-Type_09 Slanted-Briefcase-Type_08 Slanted-Briefcase-Type_06 Slanted-Briefcase-Type_04 Slanted-Briefcase-Type_05 Slanted-Briefcase-Type_11 Slanted-Briefcase-Type_12 Slanted-Briefcase-Type_13 Slanted-Briefcase-Type_14 Slanted-Briefcase-Type_15 Slanted-Briefcase-Type_16 Slanted-Briefcase-Type_17 designer_prague_dirk_gebhardt-10 designer_prague_dirk_gebhardt-13 designer_prague_dirk_gebhardt-16