bauhaus 4.0

Bauhaus 4.0 meets Campaign and Brand Design

Cross Communication—when advertising and branding tell sustainable stories together

Author: Slanted editors

What can we learn from the Bauhaus—how can interdisciplinarity and social vision help to overcome today’s challenges? What can advertising and branding do to create credibility in times of fake news and greenwashing? What role does storytelling play when it is really played across all media? How can we finally succeed in playing communication via the gang in such a way that it actually becomes cross? Are not algorithms the new building material?

At the panel discussion on May 28th, 2019 in Reinbek near Hamburg, we will discuss the role and potential of advertising and branding in times of digitization in a pointed and provocative way. Et al with Claudia Fischer-Appelt, Johannes Erler, Matthias Schrader, Dr. Babette Peters as Special Guest, moderated by Boris Kochan and Ulrich Müller. Welcome by the President of the BDG, Claudia Siebenweiber and the Managing Director of Kreativgesellschaft Hamburg, Egbert Rühl. An evening on a small scale for designers, teachers and students in the paper warehouse of E. Michaelis & Co.—join in the discussion! The event ist hosted by the BDG (Professional Association of Communication Designers) and supported by the Hamburg Creative Society as a regional partner.

Te event is part of the event series Bauhaus 4.0—Future is made of design. Digitization, artificial intelligence, blockchain, automation and robotics are changing companies rapidly and sustainably. In doing so, they not only act as economic success factors, but also deeply intervene in the private world of each individual and transform society as a whole—and thus politics, social affairs, education, justice etc.

How can we use the utopian potential of the Bauhaus not only to react to societal developments, but to actively shape them? How to learn from the most sustainable design school in history? The competence of designers and architects is again very much in demand today—with great courage for innovations—to ensure trust and accessibility, security and identification in a world of upheaval. How to design a new home? A future, a Bauhaus 4.0? In a total of ten podium discussions in 2019, existing and new ideas will be collected, ordered and weighted. Three to four top creatives with very different fields of activity and experience are developing first approaches for a future worth—under the direction of the head of the German Design Day, Boris Kochan, and the journalist and theoretician Ulrich Müller.

Bauhaus 4.0 meets Campaign and Brand Design

May 28th, 2019, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
registration at 6 p.m.
followed by evening meal

In the paper warehouse of  E. Michaelis & Co.
Senefelder-Ring 14
21465 Reinbek, Hamburg

8.– € per person
available here

bauhaus 4.0

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