Slanted in Rwanda: Pierra Ntayombya / Haute Baso

Special Issue Rwanda

Author: Clara Weinreich

For our special issue Slanted Rwanda we traveled to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, in February 2019 and met numerous designers and artists in their studios.

Among others, we met Pierra Ntayombya. Canadian born to Rwandan parents, Pierra has spent most of her life in North America and Europe, where she developed a passion for fashion and retail. With over ten years of experience, she saw an opportunity to bring her creativity and industry knowledge to Rwanda and relocated permanently in 2016. Driven by her ambition to elevate the fashion industry and empower youth and women, she founded Haute Baso.

The exciting works of Pierra can be found in the Slanted Special Issue Rwanda, additionally we conducted a video interview with Pierra about her attitude and work. Take a look at our new issue and the video platform to meet a new side of Rwanda!

Fotos: © Daniel Sommer, Slanted Publishers

Supported by descom Designforum Rhineland-Palatinate and the Partnership Association Rhineland-Palatinate / Rwanda (Jumelage).

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