Bridge Text und Head

Bridge Head and Text


Author: mona

Bridge Text and Head, a rocking duo for sparkling stories in a crisp tone and a must-have for expressive editorial typography! Bridge is the first release by an external TypeMate. It comes in two main families—Text and Head—for comfortable long reading text and fitting punchy display usage.

With three different widths in six weights, Bridge Head has the perfect voice for stunning titles. A solo career in posters, banners and logos doesn’t stop Bridge Head from rocking in concert: each of her 18 display styles can work together with Bridge Text to tell stories and build complex typographic ensembles in editorial and corporate design. The edgy editorial typefaces Bridge Text brings rhythm and clarity to long form reading. With crisp character, sparkling texture and driving asymmetrical counters, Bridge Text refines Bridge Head’s graphic qualities for note perfect, highly readable text at smaller sizes.

Unlike other superfamilies, Bridge Head and Bridge Text are distinguished by more than optical adjustments. Letterforms and details are opened out or simplified for body text. Close up, the two-cornered counter shape that gives Text a crisp character appears. The daughter of classical Didone typefaces, Bridge has a vertical stress and a modern treatment.

A type system flexible enough to bridge print publishing to digital media, with a kickass K and rebellious R, Bridge can shout out loud and make a design that can take her intensity unmistakable and independent of slick conventions.

Bridge Head & Text

Type Foundry: TypeMates
Designer: Mona Franz
Release: 2019
Formates: otf and ttf for desktop and apps, plus woff, woff2 and eot for web
Widths and weights: Bridge Head: Condensed, Normal, and Extended, each in xLight, Light, Medium, Bold, xBold and Black. Bridge Text: Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, and xBold each with Italics. 
Price one weight: 59 Euro 
Price family: 479 Euro (poss. with temporary discounts)

Bridge Text und Head

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