Slanted in Tokyo / Ohara Daijiro

Slanted in Tokyo

Ohara Daijiro

Author: Clara Weinreich

A year ago, the Slanted team dove into Tokyo—with their friends Renna Okubo and Ian Lynam preventing them from drowning—to take an intense look at the contrasting design scene. The Japanese capital is a unique place. With its clean streets, punctual transportation and polite service at every turn, Tokyo is more than just a well-run city. It unites cultural extremes: it is a city where the futuristic meets the traditional and tranquility meets speed. In the Slanted Magazine #31—Tokyo you can get a visual impression of the studios we visited during our journey. Now we present the work of Daijiro Ohara, a typography artist. 

Daijiro Ohara was born in Kanagawa Prefecture (1978) and graduated from Musashino Art University in Tokyo. In 2003, he started working independently and is principal of omomma, a studio focusing on lettering, illustration, motion graphics, and art direction. Beside commissioned work, he has also been actively engaged in self-initiated projects, searching for new perceptions of words and letters.

Take a look at the Slanted Magazine #31—Tokyo to get an idea of Tokyo’s creative environment. Additionally you can find several video interviews on our video platform to get a deeper insight in the designer’s thoughts.

Slanted in Tokyo / Ohara Daijiro