Slanted × Kickstarter Mentoring & Publishing Program: Nine Selected Book Projects Now Live

Author: Julia Kahl

The first Open Call for the Mentoring & Publishing Program of Slanted and the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter closed at the end of April. From almost 100 submitted projects, we have intensively supervised nine projects in one-to-one mentoring-sessions over the past four weeks on their way to a hopefully successful crowdfunding campaign and thus to a real publishing project.

We are very happy to be able to present the individual projects to you now and hope that you will support one, two or maybe all of them! Meet the participants of the Slanted × Kickstarter Mentoring & Publishing Program:

Support Independent Type 
A book by Polish creator Marian Misiak AKA Threedotstype about the new culture of type specimens, their impact on design and typographic culture at large. It’s a manifesto for independent type foundries showcasing their work in an effort to promote freshly designed fonts, and why we should support them. An exhibit of over 400 of today’s most adventurous typography labels and designers!

Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday
After years of treading the globe—from Madrid and Barcelona to New York, Dubai and all the way back—acclaimed painter and multi-genre artist Ruben Sanchez grants his audience a private glimpse into his process. Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday compiles doodles, drawings, notes, and quotes from Sanchez’s personal sketchbooks in one beautifully crafted hardcover edition.

Instant Nudes
Design student Clara Hoppe’s book is a homage to the very own individual perception and self-presentation of eroticism and a modern and young view on eroticism beyond pornographic clichés. In cooperation with the renowned calendar project PHOTODARIUM Private and the photographer Herr Merzi, Instant Nudes shows uncensored instant pictures of the best instant photographers in the world.

The Nest
American designer Scott Massey celebrates his alma mater with this collection of poster art from the famous CalArts vaults. More precisely, the book is about a piece of art that “was created with the intent of making the best damn poster about posters for a poster show in poster show history.”

Inner Necessity
“Art that had to be done:” Léon Howahr pays tribute to the artistic urges of those who have no choice other than to create. In this exploration of art brut and outsider art, Howahr compiles and highlights the works and life stories of (accidental) artists like Prophet Royal Robertson, Zdenek Košek, Josef Hofer, and many more, laying bare the utterly personal core of all artistic intent.

Ar/KATE: Mannheim
The first instalment in an ongoing series of publications about the intricate interplay of architecture and skateboarding culture. Architect, design student and skate brand owner Florian Budke kicks things off where he knows all the rails and hidden gaps: his hometown of Mannheim.

Questions to Europe
If you don’t think Europe is a good idea, you probably shouldn’t read any further … Design student Paula Riek introduces children aged 6 and over to Europe and the EU in a colorful book printed on a risograph.

Leafy Houseplants
In 1899, the German botanist Udo Dammer wrote down his knowledge of the ins and outs of different houseplants and published the book Zimmerblattpflanzen with 46 detailed plant illustrations. With Leafy Houseplants, communication designer Benjamin Wurster created a modern new edition of this botanical encyclopaedia.

This publication is a a conceptual street photography book by Louis De Belle, lauded as one of the most innovative street photographers working today. This large format artist book shows photographs depicting close-up crops on pedestrian clothing, shot in the streets of New York.

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