TAU Spektrum 4

TAU Spektrum 4

3D Scans and Surrealistic Sceneries Converted Into Limited Trading Cards

Author: Lukas Haider

TAU Spektrum 4 is the fourth compilation by the Hamburg—based record label TAU which is driven to forward-thinking electronic music from a range of rising artists, founded by the Adana Twins.

Lukas Haider is in charge of the Art Direction since the label was founded. The Spektrum series is characterized by unconventional release solutions in terms of the chosen media.

A magazine with special holographic paper, a double audio tape and a vinyl-set with transparent sleeve were already released in this special series. For number four a limited collectors edition was invented featuring 16 trading cards of each artist plus an individual download code for the compilation. Every contributing artist got 3D-scanned and furthermore placed in a surrealistic CGI environment matching the individual song’s mood to create individual artworks.

In addition to the physical appearance of the trading cards, a bunch of animations were made to bring the cards also alive in digital space meant to be share on all social media platforms throughout the release.

TAU Spektrum 4

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