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Art. Lebedev Studio Revealed its AI Brand Identities Designer

Author: tanvel

The Russian Art. Lebedev Studio is breaking new ground in design with The AI Designer. Real customers were confronted with the fact that their request for a brand identities to the design studio was answered by an artificial intelligence designer using randomly generated forms. This creates new and unimagined creative paths that human designers would probably never have taken, but it is also a threat to the market and its credibility. Because if we assume that a visual identity and the success of a company can be completely left to computer-generated chance, then the trust in the basis and knowledge of our profession can be doubted. It is exciting to see how AI-based technologies can be combined with our knowledge in the future and thus be developed further.However, we should always do this with a critical eye on quality and credibility and include the designer as a social being in the design process.

The project was developed in complete secrecy by an isolated team at the Studio. In the name of conspiracy, the AI was introduced as a remote employee with his own profile, portfolio, and name—Nikolay Ironov. This meant the team could manage any risk of leaks, while also gathering valuable feedback from clients on Nikolay Ironov’s work—free from any prejudice against generative design.

The results exceeded all expectations. Over the last twelve months, Ironov has developed logos for real clients (cafes, bars, influencers, apps, and consumer goods).

The photo of Nikolay was also generated. It was created by a neural network from photos of all employees of the studio.

All clients were unaware that their designs were being created by a machine. All of Nikolay Ironov’s work was approved by clients and then released to huge audiences. Today, Ironov’s work can be seen in businesses throughout Russia, on branded products, and in endless YouTube clips. The AI’s unique style led to a number of the logos attracting considerable public interest, media attention, and discussion in online communities.

Designers, even the more daring and progressive ones, are often defined by the work of their peers, international award juries, and their own experiences. Given that Artificial design intelligence sidesteps all this, Nikolay Ironov is free to utilize techniques that no human would ever consider. By taking bold and unexpected steps, he is able to create the genuinely new.

This event marks the moment that the mass automation of creative processes becomes a reality for businesses.

Take a look at Nikolay Ironov’s own portfolio site and check out his generated design. 

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