The Future of Typography

Interviews from the World of Typography

Author: beckerfine

Technical and cultural processes always reflected form and handling with typography. Besides other design disciplines and art, typography definitely is to be understood as a reference of history.

What does typography states about our time now? How is it changing under the influence of digitalization? The magazine series »The Future of Typography« deals with such questions and figures out an orientation in the ever-changing world of typography. The development and the role of typography—today and in the future—is discussed in nine interviews with different creatives.

Julia Kahl—Slanted
Christine Gertsch
Noël Leu—Grilli Type
Götz Gramlich
Niklaus Troxler
Niels Schrader
Hansje van Halem (English)
Daan Rietbergen und Bart Vollebregt – Studio Dumbar (English)

The Future of Typography

Editor and Design: Josephine Becker
Volume: 114 pages
Format: 18 × 24 cm
Workmanship: Stitch binding
Language: German / Englisch

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