vom blättern und wischen

An exhibition of analogue and digital books

Author: Bianca Reimann

From May 3rd to June 2nd, 2019 the book laboratory of the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts present an exhibition of analogue and digital books by students from the design department.

The exhibition focuses on the examination of the medium book: How is the term analogue and digital defined in the context of book design?

Can analogue and digital books exist side by side and even work together, or are they in direct competition with each other? What demands does an analog book serve in comparison to the digital; what do they have in common, what are the differences? How do designers deal with the medium book in times of digitalization?

A total of 95 books will be shown. Both interactive books in the form of applications and classic analog books can be discovered. The visitors will be accompanied by decision questions, which on the one hand are aimed at the design process and on the other hand also serve as assistance. The books are presented to visitors in a way they can experience and can be felt, touched, browsed and scrolled.

vom blättern und wischen

May 3rd, 2019 to June 2nd, 2019

May 3rd, 2019
8 p.m.


Künstlerhaus Dortmund
Sunderweg 1
44147 Dortmund

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