The Shipping Container

A Parable of Our Globalized World

Author: NahuelGerth

The Shipping Container is an infographic website on the topic of containerization. The website layout is focused on creating a storytelling narrative based on a flowchart.

The process of containerization is one of the main driving forces of globalization and international trade as we know them today. With the introduction of a uniformed and normed system of container transportation a century old problem for shipping had been solved and the basic condition for large-scaled world trade was initiated.

When was the last time you were driving behind a truck carrying a container? And didn’t you wonder: What is inside all of these containers? Anything you use, buy, consume—even the device you are using now—was part of a worldwide logistical network of intermodal transport. Containers carry a range of products from food and fresh produce to electronic equipment and paper. They have become part of our lives and culture. They are used and repurposed in many ways.

If you are curious about how many containers are shipped per year, which problems suppliers had regarding delivery before the invention of containers, how international trade has changed since then, and everything else there is to know about containerization check out the project. It gives access to this exact information in an appealingly and interesting way.

The Shipping Container

Design: Nahuel Gerth
Fonts: Telegraf Ultralight, and Ultrabold from Pangram Pangram Foundry
Release: Prague, 2020

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