Typeface of the Month: Postea

Typeface of the Month: Postea

By TypeTogether

Author: Tessa Breuer

This Typeface of the Month: Postea, is a geometric sans serif typeface by TypeTogether. The story of Postea starts with Veronika Burian, Munich-based type designer and co-founder of TypeTogether type foundry, and her first encounter with a 1920s post office building in the architectural style of Bauhaus.

“The clean, simple, and slightly quirky Deutsche Post signage lettering caught my eye, with its longish extenders and varied letter widths, especially the bottom-heavy ‘s’,” says Veronika Burian. “I had been thinking about the challenge of designing a geometric sans for a while, and when I saw that ‘s’ I knew this was the inspiration I was looking for.”

Postea is a rather small type family, but smaller, in this case, does not mean either simpler or less accomplished. The challenge is represented in the typographic goal of the new typeface: Postea is meant to have outstanding performance in a wide range of situations from branding, indoor signage, and posters, to magazines and books on photography and architecture. In practice, this creates a couple scenarios that demand different levels of volume and tone with which the fonts must speak to the reader.

Postea’s 14 static styles, or two variable fonts, feature a Latin character set with support for over 140 languages and plenty of typographic goodies. Inspiration for Postea’s icons comes from geometry, art deco, and the use of specific icons related to museums and art. One of the most complex goals was to create functional iconography that is both recognizable and consistent with the skeletal structure of the font family. As with the character designs, simplicity prevails, which ensures compatibility with all the glyphs that make up the family.

Typeface of the Month: Postea

Foundry: TypeTogether
Designers: Veronika Burian,
José Scaglione
File Formats: OTF, EOT, WOFF, WOFF2

Weights: Regular & Italic, Semibold & Semibold Italic, Bold & Bold Italic, Extrabold & Extrabold Italic, Hairline & Hairline Italic, Thin & Thin Italic, Light & Light Italic + Variable & Variable Italic
Release: 2021

Price per style / family: € 44.10  / € 397.– (for up to 5 users)

Typeface of the Month: Postea

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