Zukünfte gestalten

Zukünfte gestalten

Spekulation. Kritik. Innovation.

Author: Tessa Breuer

“By designing and communicating future scenarios, you shape the futures of those around you, and can indirectly influence the future course of events.” – Zukünfte gestalten.

To do this, we have to say goodbye to the future in the singular. Because this singular suggests that there is only one, seemingly inevitable future. If we consistently put the term in the plural, we recognize that the world can be shaped.

Zukünfte gestalten opens up a new role for its readers as mediators between research, politics, and society. It offers tools for a systematic and strategic examination of the future, or better: of possible futures.

With the help of the methods and tools presented in the book, creatives can make different, shapable futures tangible and enable decision-makers to set a wiser course in the present. In this way, they design more than surfaces and interfaces. Ideally, they become designers of a better world.

Eileen Mandir and Benedikt Groß present detailed Design Futuring-workshops from fast track to five-day sprint. With shopping list and schedule, with alternative program, and emergency kit. This book not only wants to be read, but implemented!

Zukünfte gestalten 

Authors: Benedikt Groß / Eileen Mandir
Publisher: Hermann Schmidt

Design: Gold und Wirtschaftswunder
Release: September 2022

Volume: 256 pages with over 500 diagrams and illustrations
Format: 17 × 24.4 cm
Workmanship: Thread-sewn hard cover with a color-printed Majestic Snow White cover and colored ribbon bookmark
ISBN: 978-3-87439-958-6
Price: € 40.—

Zukünfte gestalten

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