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In Spring 2018 the Slanted editors took a close-up look at the contemporary design scene of Dubai. A city—when described by many people—that is all sickening shine and has no soul. But Dubai and the whole region, originally a piece of desert sparsely populated by Bedouins, is now transforming itself rapidly into a center, if not the world’s greatest center, of trade, finance, and tourism—and moreover, something important happened in the last few years: Culture! Today, a new Arab world is being plotted and planned.

The entire Gulf is teeming with initiatives—from the most public to the most private—to change and reinvent seemingly immutable rules, regimes, edicts, and assumptions, culminating, perhaps, in the stated intention to work more closely together. The Gulf states have a past, and they will have a future. The contours of that future are legible in this Slanted issue!

Wissam Shawkat
10.04.2018, Dubai

Paul Green / Toil & Tinker
02.04.2018, Dubai

Hala Al-Ani and Riem Hassen / Möbius Studio
21.02.2018, Dubai

Salem Al-Qassimi / Fikra Design Studio
24.02.2018, Dubai

Martin Giesen
17.04.2018, Dubai

Patrick Neuschaefer and Rand Almaeen / Elephant Nation
22.03.2018, Dubai

Nuno Abreu / Slash
01.03.2018, Dubai

Huassain Moloobhoy and Elliott Brown / Moloobhoy & Brown
22.03.2018, Dubai

Ramy Alawssy / -ing Creatives
27.04.2018, Dubai

Lujain Abulfaraj and Sara Al Arif / Twothirds Design Bureau
18.03.2018, Dubai

Abdalla, Noha and Razan / Thareek
23.04.2018, Dubai

Kholoud Sharafi / Tinkah
25.04.2018, Dubai

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