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Marrakech is changing. Despite the Moroccans longing for modernity, traditional fine art clogs the souks. Modernism has touched medina, changing historic riads into hip cafés, hot spots and social hubs of an emerging art scene. It is down to outside influences to help inspire, educate, and put things in context, which is generating a force all of its own.

Slanted took oneself to Marrakech in November 2015 to have a look at the creative revolution that is bubbling away behind the city’s ancient walls. Their great work can be found in Slanted Magazine, her opinions and views in the additional video interviews!

Yvon Lange (Marrakech Museum for Photography and Visual Arts)
23.11.2015, Marrakech

Laila Hida (Le 18 Derb el ferrane)
27.11.2015, Marrakech

Adil Roufi
27.11.2015, Marrakech

Mustapha Diop
27.11.2015, Marrakech

Hana Tefrati (Priscilla Queen of Medina)
27.11.2015, Marrakech

Moulay Youssef Elkhafaï
21.11.2015, Marrakech

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