»Inner Freedom« von Perci Chen

From the idea to the finished illustration with Adobe Stock

»Inner Freedom« from Perci Chen

Author: Slanted editors

Since his childhood Perci Chen from Hamburg loves to sketch. Even though his parents always wanted him to write poetry. 

Now he is a freelance illustrator working for Instagram, HOOU and Visual Distractions LTD. Lately he has been working for Adobe Stock to create an illustration about the topic »freedom«.

Adobe Stock is giving artists like Perci Chen inspiration on their way from the first sketches to a finished work of art. It helps to create images in the artist‘s mind and to brings them on their Photoshop canvas. 

When Perci Chen finishes his illustrations, he posts them on Adobe Stock and appreciates the thriving collaboration.

Click here to look over Peri’s shoulders while he is creating »inner freedom«

The platform is open for everybody, either amateur or professional. By offering your work with Adobe Stock you will profit from feedback and can develop your skills. Find out how to register on Adobe Stock

»Inner Freedom« von Perci Chen