Was Designer verrückt macht | Why designers go crazy


Author: Slanted editors

Why Designers go crazy” is the current yearbook of the Institute for Design and Communication of University of Applied Sciences Joanneum. It presents 105 graduation theses from the Information Design bachelor’s program and the two master’s programs in Exhibition Design and Communication, Media, Sound and Interaction Design for the 2017/18 academic year. Now published for the ninth consecutive year, this yearbook impressively demonstrates how diverse design work is, how varied the requirements are, and how broad the spectrum of content‒related topics can be. The high‒quality design theses combine a holistic design approach with an interdisciplinary design attitude. The wide thematic range of the projects is characteristic of our training, and prepares our graduates for a diverse and multifaceted professional life.

The work of the students has received a great deal of recognition in the professional environment and public perception, as well as through prizes and awards. The University of Applied Sciences Joanneum is proud that their institute has been honored with six Red Dot Awards this year, despite competition from around 8,600 submissions from all over the world: three bachelor’s theses, two master’s theses and last year’s publication—the yearbook “What Designers can do”—were awarded this international design prize.

The publication can be purchased at the Institute for Design and Communication for 24,90 Euro or downloaded here as a PDF.

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