WASD #13 – Bookazine für Gameskultur

WASD #13 – Bookazine für Gameskultur

Author: Slanted editors

An ambitious independent magazine with great design for video gamers? Yes this works! For more than six years now WASD explore the possibilities of creating a bold magazine about video game culture—fresh designed on a small paper format.

The finest authors of the industry write from different perspectives about everything today’s gamers are interested in. While german game magazines focus on test reports and purchasing advice, WASD is exploring new ways with specialist articles, satirical texts, essays, prose texts, and even poems.

Between 2012 and 2018 WASD won ten international awards including Lead Award, German Design Award, iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award and European Design Award.
The design follows the classic book typography, which place a high priority on reading comfort, but with the benefits of an innovative and varied editorial design, including exciting layouts, beautiful illustrations, sophisticated infographics and partly experimentally typography. The design highly contrasts with the visual appearance of the established game magazines on the market.

WASD #13 – Bookazine für Gameskultur

Publisher: Sea of Sundries
Release: Sommer 2018

Art Direction: Markus Weissenhorn

Editor: Christian Schiffer

Format: 14,8 × 21 cm 

Volume: 192 pages 

Language: German

ISBN: 978-3-946942-02-3

Price: 15,90 Euro

WASD #13 – Bookazine für Gameskultur