Galaxy of Pixels

Author: Nina Vollmer

Wienerlinien is a versatile pixel type system by brand developer Helmut R. Nowak, inspired by the overhead displays on Vienna’s subway platforms. Wienerlinien pixel font is a large-scale system of multiple fonts and many symbols that can all be fitted into the same pixel grid. In addition to constructive sophistication Helmut R. Nowak has incorporated an incredible amount of wit and attention to detail into the fonts.

The typeface contains hundreds of symbols and even the Greek alphabet. The 4 styles, Pro, Poster, Caption and Mosaique have different shapes and proportions but can be perfectly combined. All 4 styles come in 5 different pixel shapes: Square, Rounded, Dots, Hatch, and Polaris.

Wienerlinien Pro is the powerhouse of the family. With a strong emphasis and wide proportions it is the best choice for legible text. Its symbols can be used for public transport and tourism matters, but also for everyday life issues and joys.

Wienerlinien Poster is a strong and compressed typeface designed for large applications combined with normal size text set in Pro.

Wienerlinien Caption offers a legible possibility for small text usage, when paired with normal-sized text set in Pro.

Last but not least, there’s Wienerlinien Mosaique, a sort of gala princess within the entire family. It’s comprised entirely of monospaced tiles filled with letters and beautiful patterns. If you’ve ever wanted to type amazing pattern landscapes, opt for Mosaique and relish the experience.


Designers: Helmut R. Nowak
Foundry: Wannatype
Release: September 2023
Languages: Latin Extended, Greek
Styles: Pro, Poster, Caption, Moa
Pixel Shapes: Square, Rounded, Dots, Hatch, Polaris
File Formats: OpenType
Prices: from € 14.–

 More information here and buying options here.


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