Typeface of the Month: Synthes

Typeface of the Month: Synthes

By Blaze Type

Author: Josephine Schroeder

We’re thrilled to introduce to you this month’s Typeface of the Month: Synthes by Blaze Type.

Synthes, a typeface that draws inspiration from the iconic neo-grotesque masterpieces defining Swiss design excellence from the late 1950s to the 2000s. Embracing the spirit of two influential fonts, Helvetica by Max Miedinger and Univers by Adrien Frutiger, Synthes reimagines their timeless charm while striking a harmonious balance between the two renowned styles.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Synthes exhibits clear and powerful shapes that radiate precision and professionalism. Its weight effortlessly adjusts, accentuating contrast and counterforms for unrivaled legibility, even at smaller sizes, making it an optimal choice for body text in any context.

With consistent and well-balanced forms, it embraces a modern and sleek aesthetic, elevating its adaptability across diverse design applications. From commanding headlines to immersive body text, this versatile typeface seamlessly blends into various projects, creating a cohesive and captivating visual experience.

Synthes emerges as an invaluable tool for designers, boasting unrivalled flexibility and adaptability. Its capabilities extend from forging compelling branding elements to crafting refined editorial layouts, shining brilliantly across diverse media. Not to mention, its immaculately-crafted letterforms ensure exceptional performance in web interfaces, offering users a seamless and delightful reading journey.

Typeface of the Month: Synthes

Foundry: Blaze Type
Designer: Matthieu Salvaggio , Tim Vanhille, Ferdinand Del Fabro
Release: September 2023
File Formats: OTF, TTF (variable)
Styles : Neue, Grotesk
Widths : Normal and Expanded
Weights : Thin to Black with Italics
Price: per style: € 40.–; per family (Neue/Grostesk): € 1,440.–; Full family + variable: € 2,880.–


Typeface of the Month: Synthes