Lesley Moore

Slanted in Amsterdam: Lesley Moore

Slanted Magazine #41—Amsterdam

Author: Josephine Schroeder

Exploring the limitless ingenuity of Amsterdam’s design milieu in our 41st publication, the Slanted team embarked on an indelible odyssey through the enchanting core of the Netherlands’ capital. Amidst our adventures, we were fortunate to intersect with Karin van den Brandt and Alex Clay, the founders of the design studio Lesley Moore. They generously swung open the doors to their studio, beckoning us to witness their unwavering dedication and visionary quests within the design realm

Lesley Moore is the brainchild design duo of Karin van den Brandt and Alex Clay. With graphic design as their weapon-of-choice, they aim to inspire meaningful change by triggering imagination.

The work of the studio can be found in the Slanted Magazine #41—Amsterdam. Additionally we shot a video interview with Karin van den Brandt and Alex Clay, talking about their point of view on design and opinions about the future. Take a look at the Amsterdam issue and the video platform for diverse opinions, impressions, inspiration, and motivation.

Images: © Lesley Moore / Slanted Publishers

Lesley Moore

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