100 Ways to Move an A

Author: Slanted editors

The project “100 Ways to Move an A” by Ricardo Meyer questions the results-oriented design and puts the process in the foreground. It was created as a personal project in addition to a semester assignment at the FH Potsdam on the design of a dynamic character set. Since Ricardo was new to the field of motion design, he put the course task to his needs.

According to one of the guiding principles of Sister Corita Kent “If you work it will lead to something” the idea was sought in the design and not in the sketch. The result is the indefinite design of 100 moving characters. It invalidates the directly analyzing thoughts in the process and leads to new, unexpected results.

2019-02-26_5c75703366588_100WaysToMoveAnA_3red 2019-02-26_5c757033665cf_100WaysToMoveAnA_4red 2019-02-26_5c75703366614_100WaysToMoveAnA_5red 2019-02-26_5c75703366665_100WaysToMoveAnA_6red 2019-02-26_5c75703366705_100WaysToMoveAnA_8red 2019-02-26_5c75703366751_100WaysToMoveAnA_9red