Adobe Stock Visual Trend “Touch and Tactility”

Author: Slanted editors

In the fast-paced world of the 21st century, only a few will last a long time. Adobe Stock is aware of this rapid change process and has therefore defined six #VisualTrends for 2018, thus creating trend forecasts for brands and artists. These should give them an outlook and a suggestion on how to attract the attention of the consumers.

After “Silence and Loneliness,” “The Fluid Self,” “Multilocalism,” “Creative Reality,” and “History and Remembrance,” the last visual trend of the year 2018, “Touch and Tactility,” which we would like to present to you today, follows at the end of the year. Most of the time we operate devices or look at screens and are unlikely to notice the loss of haptic experiences and interactions, but unfortunately this is the reality. To make up for this loss, Adobe Stock has focused on the theme of touch and feel by creating a selected gallery.

Visual art is more and more about not only seeing the images, but in a certain way being able to “feel” them. Well-known structures such as wet hair or dry grass are emphasized. Also, images of people touching, hugging or kissing each other are receiving more attention. The need for touch and warmth as well as personal relationships are clearly in focus. We are increasingly craving haptic experiences, but not nearly enough is preserved. This trend creates a great opportunity for brands and designers to create something that creates real moments of connectedness. A wonderful way to spoil our neglected sense of touch.

Many people today work all day in a digital world and have more or less lost touch with haptic experiences. But many try to recover this loss in their free time, in which they make something with their bare hands and then stroke it proudly about the product. So in recent years, a huge DIY scene has emerged. As a result of this continuing trend, portals such as Etsy, where the handcrafted products can be sold, have become successful. Your buyers are not only interested in the material they are made of, but also in the development process. Even on TV, this trend is present. At NBC, the show “Making It” was very successful this summer, in which the participants created their own products using simple materials such as paper, clay, wood and felt.

Adobe Stock has therefore definitely hit the bullseye with the visual trend “Touch and Tactility” and the year 2019 will be full of stimulating, new #VisualTrends. For example, we can look forward to topics such as Natural Instincts, Creative Democraty, Disruptive Expression, and Brand Stand. Especially in the digital age, images have a special meaning for brands, to address customers and to respond to them. Adobe Stock has therefore stretched out its antennae and diligently researched to define the new trends.

We are very excited about the Adobe Stock #VisualTrends of the coming year and look forward to exciting ideas for our creative work.

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