bauhaus 4.0

Bauhaus 4.0 meets Typography & Web Design

Universal and integrative

Author: Slanted editors

In search of the interface of tomorrow. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, accessibility takes place in Arial. Period. But inclusive communication design must be able to do so much more: It has to appeal to society in all its diversity – and is therefore welcome to think along with it. Who, for example, is meant when we talk about the human-machine interface? How does adequacy work? What can we learn from the Bauhaus when it comes to typography in times when pictures and Alexa or Siri speak? Is there an audiovisual typography? Are variable fonts the answer to diversity questions?

At the panel discussion Bauhaus 4.0 meets Typography & Web Design on 19 November in Queis, we will discuss the role and potential of design as a driving force in times of digitalisation in a pointed and provocative manner. Among others with Florian Adler, who is intensively concerned with accessibility in all media with his Berlin office, Sabina Sieghaft, who has been researching the subject of light language and typography since 2016, and Peter Zizka, who, as a border crosser between design and art, once again defines interface quite differently. Veronika Brian will take part as a special guest. As a Type Designer, she will lead the internationally renowned Type Foundry TypeTogether and is particularly committed to young designers and sustainable management.

The moderators are Boris Kochan and Ulrich Müller. The welcome will be given by Ulrike Borinski, chairwoman of the Forum Typografie, and Susanne Richter, director of the Museum für Druckkunst. An evening in a small setting for designers, teachers and students in the paper camp of the 2H in Queis – we would like to discuss with you! The evening will be hosted by the Forum Typografie and supported by the Museum für Druckkunst in Leipzig as a regional partner.

Bauhaus 4.0 meets typography & web design: Universal and integrative – in search of the interface of tomorrow, 10th panel discussion.

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019
6:30 p.m.

Queis (Landsberg) near Halle
In the paper warehouse of IGEPA Großhandel GmbH
IGEPA-Ring 1
06188 Queis

Tickets for 8.– € here.

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