Braasi Industry

Stylish backpacks made in Prague

Author: Julia Kahl

During our research for Slanted Magazine—Prague, we took notice of the Prague-based family boutique factory Braasi Industry. It was founded by the two young architects Šimon Brabec and Eliška Slámová who specialize mainly in the production of everyday carry backpacks from quality materials made in Czechia.

Šimon and Eliška started to produce backpacks for their own and their friends’ use years ago. As the demand grew, they decided to move on. Today you can find them in a workshop, they designed themselves, based in a reconstructed old factory in Prague’s trendy district of Holešovice.

Less is more in Braasi’s philosophy and so the production follows simple rules: Combining functionality and aesthetics, timelessness and practicality. Have a look at their simple and functional, yet stylish and detail-focused products!

Slanted-Braasi-Industry-Prague_01 Slanted-Braasi-Industry-Prague_02 Slanted-Braasi-Industry-Prague_03 Slanted-Braasi-Industry-Prague_04 Slanted-Braasi-Industry-Prague_05 Slanted-Braasi-Industry-Prague_06 Slanted-Braasi-Industry-Prague_07 Slanted-Braasi-Industry-Prague_08 Slanted-Braasi-Industry-Prague_09