Author: Slanted editors

Why not start in the middle of the year to praise the rest of the year—every day a picture, an idea, a thought, a drawing.

The calendar Every Day a Drawing is a personal ongoing project of Paula Troxler since 2010. The calendar 2019 shows drawings which Paula Troxler drew exactly on the same day the year before. It is now the 20th calendar that Paula Troxler publishes herself. The calendar contains 189 days, drawings and ideas, is offset printed, the Sundays in red.

The new calendar starts July 2019. Each week is dedicated to a theme that gives inspiration for a drawing: Continuations, discussions and interpretations of sentences and definitions. It begins with an object, a condition, a thing or a person on Sunday in red, followed by 6 drawings around the theme. They give inspiration to the drawing, continuations, arguments and interpretations of their sentences and definitions. (among others Blues, Metamorphosis, T.C. Boyle, Self Knowledge, Climate Change, Fragments of Love, Paul Auster and so on.)

Slanted is giving away one calender! To participate simply write an email until 05.06.2019 (UTC +2) to [email protected] with the subject “EveryDayADrawing.” The winner will be drawn after the deadline and contacted by email. Who participates in the raffle, agrees to receive news from Slanted and accepts the privacy policy. Legal recourse is excluded. We wish you good luck!

Slanted-Paula-Troxler-0 Slanted-Paula-Troxler-1 Slanted-Paula-Troxler-2 Slanted-Paula-Troxler-3 Slanted-Paula-Troxler-4 Slanted-Paula-Troxler-5 Slanted-Paula-Troxler-6