Design Democracy

Posters for Democracy and Respect on the Internet

Author: Ravena Hengst

Design Democracy is an online platform that encourages designers to design political and social posters. The posters are distributed by Design Democracy on social media, with deliberately undemocratic hashtags. This way filter bubbles are to be broken in order to counteract the increasing social division.
Those who donate a poster take part in a competition and have the chance to win a publication that deals with design and society.

Design Democracy sets an example for responsible design and wants to point out to graphic designers their options for action. Anyone can engage in civic engagement with just a single poster.

The project was founded in 2016 by communication designer Ravena Hengst. Shortly after the so-called “refugee crisis” the idea arose out of frustration, how few of us from the privileged circle of graphic designers use their skills for political engagement. From this, the urge to do something with graphic design grew. And along with it the wish to show other designers, that one can bring about change with one’s own expertise.

Participation in the project via a form on the website works independently and is free of charge. In just three steps, a poster is submitted. You choose yourself from the previously curated hashtags. After the upload & review the posters will be shared on and the social channels of Design Democracy.

Team: Johanna Dietrich, Ravena Hengst, Ingo Lemper, Vanessa Stern, Hanna Vogel

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