Design of Uruguay

Archive of Graphic Arts in Uruguay

Author: Laura Nadvornik

Design of Uruguay is a project that pursues to build an archive dedicated to graphic arts in the Uruguayan territory.

The objective is to discover how the different activities of the past were communicated in order to understand the behavior of design as a communication channel. It also seeks to revalue and rescue part of our cultural heritage through a look at the various compositions.

It is hoped to generate through the achievement of the objectives a strengthening of the value of Uruguayan design. The aim is to incorporate reference material into the design area to become an inspiration for future projects.

The initiator Gabriel Benderski decided to start with this project after accepting that he suffers from self-discrimination. Rather than appreciating his cultural heritage, he preferred to learn and seek inspiration from the most popular design industries. One of the reasons why he suffers from this condition is that there isn’t enough Uruguayan graphic design on the Internet and to counteract this feeling is why he dedicates his time to generate the Uruguayan design Archive.

Currently there are five categories: Posters, postage stamps, numismatics, ephemeral, and flyers found in the National Library. Two other new sections, logos and cover design will be included in the coming weeks.

Design of Uruguay

Project by: Gabriel Benderski
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Slanted-1200px-Boleto-de-Tranvía-para-Obreros-✺-Tram-ticket-for-workers-✺-Circa-1950 Slanted-1200px-Espectáculo-Eduardo-Mateo-✺-Eduardo-Mateo-Show-✺-Maca-✺-1985 Slanted-1200px-Intercambios-✺-Exchanges-✺-Maca-✺-1997 Slanted-1200px-Programa-de-Radio-✺-Radio-Show-✺-Maca-✺-1992 Slanted-1200px-Horacio-Quiroga-✺-Fernando-Álvarez-Cozzi-✺-N$1-✺-1978 Slanted-1200px-Día-del-Sello-Uruguayo-✺-Uruguayan-Postal-Stamp-Day-✺-Miguel-Battegazzore-✺-N$1-✺-Circa-1978 Slanted-1200px-Año-Internacional-de-la-Educación-✺-International-Year-of-Education-✺-Aquiles-Vaxelaire-✺-$10-✺-1970 Slanted-1200px-25-años-de-la-Universidad-de-Trabajo-✺-25-Years-of-the-Trade-School-✺-Ángel-Medina-✺-$2-✺-1968 Slanted-1200px-Whisky-✺-Movie-✺-Design-Luis-Bellagamba,-Ilustración-Martín-Verges-✺-2004 Slanted-1200px-Afiches-en-Homenaje-a-los-Artistas-✺-Posters-in-Homage-to-the-Artists-✺-Exhibición-de-Afiches-✺-Poster-Exhibition-✺-Lautaro-Hourcade-✺-2018 Slanted-1200px-Juan-Manual-Blanes-✺-$5-✺-1989