Sofa Serif


Author: GHW

2017 Sofa Sans has been released by FaceType, now Georg Herold-Wildfellner has drawn Sofa Serif in 25 handmade weights and with a lot of glyphs.

Sofa Serif’s handcrafted character is friendly and eye-catching. Stylish features and alternates add personality and let you create unique logos and stunning headlines. The family boasts 5 weights from Monoline to Fat, each containing more than 1000 glyphs, plenty of OpenType features and full ISO latin 1 & 2 language support. In addition, extra shadow-, 3D-, inline- and hatched-styles round out the package. 7 font-styles are especially created to be used as layers/layered styles.

High contrast is one of Sofa Serif’s key features. To maintain a wide range of use, choose from two optical sizes: Standard and Display with a maximum of contrast especially in the heavier weights. This makes it a flexible solution for any display and editorial need.

Sofa Serif includes a variety of OpenType alternates which add uniqueness to your work. OpenType features include Swashes- and Titling-Alternates, Beginnings and Endings and a number of alternates within various Stylistic-Sets for even more variation. OpenType Swashes- and Titling-Alternates are smart features which automatically adjust all swashy letters to the available white space. Switch one on and let Sofa Serif do the rest. The font-guide “SofaSerif-FontFamily-and-OpenType-Overview” from the gallery will be included in your purchase automatically.

Sofa Serif is an organic, rough and decorative hand-drawn/handmade all-caps display-family for packaging, posters, book-covers, wedding-, kids-, food- and logo-design and will best stand out in huge grades. Its handmade origin is subtle yet visible.

Sofa Serif

Foundry: FaceType
Designer: Georg Herold-Wildfellner
Release: February 2019
Weights: 5 weights from Monoline to Fat in 2 optical sizes + extra shadow-, 3D-, inline- and hatched-styles
Single weight: € 24,–
Family: € 99,–

You can purchase Sofa Serif discounted til April 6, 2019, at MyFonts for only € 14,85