Support “Flexible Visual Systems” on Kickstarter

Support “Flexible Visual Systems” on Kickstarter

By TwoPoints.Net

Author: Nina Steimel

Yesterday, the Kickstarter-campaign for Flexible Visual Systems started, a book initiated by TwoPoints.Net, which is not just another book by the design studio based in Hamburg, Berlin, and Barcelona.—It is Martin Lorenz’s once-in-a-lifetime book and now he needs your help to make it become real: Support “Flexible Visual Systems” on Kickstarter!

Flexible Visual Systems is the design manual for contemporary visual identities. It teaches you a variety of approaches on how to design flexible systems, adjustable to any aesthetic or project in need of an identifiable visual language. The publication sums up ten years of research at the University of Barcelona, 20 years of developing systems at TwoPoints.Net and 18 years of teaching systems at over ten design universities throughout Europe on 320 pages. To learn how to design flexible systems is not just learning another craft, it is going to change the way you think and work entirely. It is an approach, how to design. If you would place system design into a curriculum it would be the foundation course, putting you in the right mindset. You can apply the systemic approach to any discipline you will later specialize in, from corporate design, communication design, user experience design to textile design.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part is a richly illustrated theoretic introduction (82 pages) explaining the past, present, and future of flexible systems. It describes how they were used in the past, how they are used today and why they should not just organize formal solutions, but the way how we work. The second part is a hands-on, almost purely visual, description of how to design flexible systems on form, starting with a circle, triangle, square, pentagon, and hexagon. Lots of instruction manuals and examples on how to use them on 148 pages! The third part explains how transformation processes can become flexible systems for visual identities. Especially creative coders, motion designers, and people who love to experiment will have a lot of fun with this chapter.

The funding goal does NOT include the design or editing of the book or production of the rewards—but we need support from you to cross-fund the printing costs. Therefore, the total goal includes the printing costs of the publication as well as shares of handling (shipping costs, fees). The actual sum to make the book possible is 22,000 euros, but 15,000 of that is to be pre-funded through Kickstarter. So help exceed the actual founding goal so that the book can spread to the winds.

Support “Flexible Visual Systems” on Kickstarter

Publisher and Distributor: Slanted Publishers
Content and Design: Dr Martin Lorenz
Volume: 320 pages
Format: 210 × 250 mm
Language: English
Printing and Binding: Agpograf, Barcelona, Spain
Printing: 3 Pantone Spot Colors
Cover paper: Softcover, Invercote G, 300 g/sm, Matt Varnishing
Inside paper: Coral Natural M.1.2, 120 g/sm
Delivery: Wrapped in shrinkfoil, packed in box envelopes, shipped with tracking nr.

The 320 pages will be printed in three bright Pantone colors, impossible to imitate with CMYK or RGB, on a high bulk paper. Printing and binding will be done by the printer Agpograf in Barcelona. The book will be published and shipped in September.

Support the project on Kickstarter and preorder a copy or grab one of their rewards such as a notebook, an art-print canvas, or a workshop with Martin Lorenz.

Support “Flexible Visual Systems” on Kickstarter

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